Logic Gate Simulator


Logic Gate Simulator is an open-source tool for experimenting with and learning about logic gates. The simulator tool was originally designed for CIS students at South Puget Sound Community College but is free for anyone to use and modify under the GPL v3.

Logic Gate Simulator is written in C#/WPF using .NET 4

Watch a 3 minute video demonstration

Dave Jordan has implemented a multiplier, download am.gcg

Selected Features

  • Graph circuit activity over time
  • Drag-and-drop gate layout and wiring
  • User created "integrated circuits" for re-use
  • Viewing the activity inside ICs during simulation
  • Adjustable simulation speed and zoom
  • Print and export as image
  • Cut/copy/paste
  • Inline ICs and flatten entire circuits
  • New in 1.4: A variety of visual modes:
    including isolating partial circuits to show use,
    hiding intermediate gates,
    and not showing different colors for true/false (useful for preparing circuits for use in documents).

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Like Logic Gate Simulator?

Available as a Windows installer, a no-install executable, or full source code. Downloads hosted by SourceForge.

You will need the .NET Framework if you don't already have it installed.

Current version is 1.4, released on 14 Jun 2011. See changes.